Cloud-Based IoT Technology For Added School Safety

IoT can increase school safety through wireless smart door locks, noise detection sensors, and integrated access control.

2 months ago

How LoRaWAN® Can Help You Scale Your Next IoT Use Case

LoRaWAN is a communication protocol that takes advantage of the LoRa modulation, a wireless data transmission technology with lower bandwidths,…

3 months ago

IoT for Libraries: Top 3 Ways Technology Can Improve the User Experience

IoT has made it possible for libraries to use RFID, drones, blockchain, AI, and VR/AR to improve their services.

3 months ago

Blockchain Technology Use Cases in 2022

Blockchain technology offers use cases in a variety of industries, enabling a stable and verifiable means of transferring data.

3 months ago

IoT for Education: Top 3 Ways IoT Can Increase Efficiency

Schools can increase efficiency by using IoT to test students' temperatures, reduce energy consumption, and automate data.

4 months ago

IoT for Education: Top 3 Ways IoT Can Enhance Learning for Students

Using IoT for education can help increase student engagement, create student-centered curriculums, and foster immersive language learning.

4 months ago

2021 Tech Gifts to Keep the Whole Family Connected

This season smart gifts can keep the whole family connected (including the ones with four legs). From your most forgetful…

11 months ago

Closing the Education Gap with IoT

The education sector can use IoT innovation to ‘close the gap’ and make remote learning possible for all.

1 year ago

Connected Classrooms: 6 Examples of IoT in Education

IoT companies are disrupting education. From pen scanners to smart whiteboards, IoT in education is taking learning to the next…

1 year ago

The Place for Artificial Intelligence in Education

As technology advances, so too will the adoption of Artificial Intelligence. The education industry will benefit from these advancements, but…

2 years ago