COHESION Launches Newest Software Solution Designed to Increase Commercial Real Estate Asset Value

COHESION Launches Newest Software Solution Designed to Increase Commercial Real Estate Asset Value


CHICAGO, IL: COHESION, an intelligent building software company, has launched its newest solution platform for the commercial real estate market: COHESIONcore.  COHESIONcore is an end-to-end software solution that makes it easy for commercial real estate owners to increase property asset value.

Designed by a team of experienced engineering, software development and real estate leaders, COHESIONcore’s features benefit all key stakeholders of a building’s ecosystem, including its owners, operators and tenants.  The comprehensive platform enables efficient building operations, generates powerful insights and engages tenants.

Through deep and comprehensive integrations with building infrastructure and systems, COHESIONcore enables self-service capabilities and improves productivity for more efficient operations across visitor management, service requests, communications and HVAC controls.

By connecting a building’s systems and people, COHESIONcore generates and harnesses actionable insights for building owners and operators to reduce costs, while creating greater value and flexibility for the tenants.  Owners and operators can proactively monitor and manage the building and its occupants through IoT-enabled functionality.  Key analytics and reporting features include space utilization, people occupancy, utility management, machine learning capabilities and portfolio operating KPIs.

For tenants, COHESIONcore provides a one-stop-shop for greater access to information and self-service capabilities.  Mobile access key cards, bike and parking booking, amenity and flex space booking and food delivery features improve building engagement and workday productivity.

“We are thrilled to launch our newest solution, COHESIONcore,” said Thru Shivakumar, COHESION’s Co-Founder and CEO. “We purposefully built the platform to integrate all the core elements that affect a building – infrastructure, systems and people.  Because of this, our solution offers superior benefits and our insights will be the most powerful in the industry.”

COHESION is available in web, as well as, mobile interfaces for Apple and Andoid devices.  COHESION is debuting its newest platform to real estate leaders and investors at IBCON in Nashville, TN this week.


COHESION is a secure and comprehensive platform that harnesses building information by uniting workflows and disparate systems to provide actionable insights for improving building operations and enhancing tenant experiences.  Cloud-based and IoT-enabled, COHESION’s platform is customizable, scalable and optimizable to the latest technology developments in the market. COHESION provides solutions in single platform available in web and mobile interfaces with feature functionality for the tenant, operator and owner of a building and portfolio.  COHESION is headquartered in Chicago and is a spinoff venture of the large engineering design consulting firm, ESD. For more information, visit:

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