EIR Healthcare Names Enlighted’s Innovative IoT Platform as Preferred Solution for Award-Winning MedModular Patient Rooms

EIR Healthcare Names Enlighted’s Innovative IoT Platform as Preferred Solution for Award-Winning MedModular Patient Rooms

The healthcare design innovation firm will be incorporating Enlighted’s IoT technology in MedModular to create a smarter, more patient-centric hospital experience.


PHILADELPHIA, PA – November 6, 2019 – EIR Healthcare, the award-winning modular innovation firm bringing efficient industrial practices to healthcare, real estate and hospitality, announces a strategic partnership with Enlighted, the leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for healthcare facilities. Enlighted’s technology is a part of EIR Healthcare’s overall goal to digitize buildings.

The Enlighted IoT platform creates a “sensory system” using smart sensors densely distributed through lighting fixtures. Lights are ideal carriers for IoT sensors, providing position and power for granular data capture. The sensors continuously capture data and provide actionable insights used to transform the patient experience, optimize space utilization, track assets and lower energy and operating costs. Incorporating Enlighted’s technology into EIR Healthcare will enable the company to bring its “hospital of the future” to fruition through Enlighted’s advanced lighting control, space utilization and real-time location services (RTLS) applications.

“Building a smart hospital doesn’t mean incorporating IoT technology haphazardly. With MedModular, we’re looking to integrate innovation into our manufacturing process that will help hospitals improve patient outcomes, from the construction design conception to day-to-day operation,” said EIR Healthcare CEO, Grant Geiger. “Enlighted’s technology is key for us to reach long-range sustainability and allows EIR Healthcare to further increase efficiency while providing superior performance and innovation. Healthcare facilities are the third most energy- intensive facility in the United States. Anything we can do to help improve the efficiency will be a net benefit for us all. In addition, Enlighted’s applications provide granular data and insight into how the room is being used real-time, and what we can do to continue to optimize the hospital experience for patients.”

“Together with EIR Healthcare, we are driving innovation into the design and operation of healthcare facilities,” said Stefan Schwab, CEO at Enlighted. “The Enlighted IoT platform installed throughout MedModular patient rooms and healthcare facilities enables EIR clients to improve staff and medical asset productivity, enhance the patient care experience, and simultaneously achieve sustainability goals through immediate savings on lighting energy.   These benefits generate a significant positive operational impact on top of the savings EIR Healthcare’s modular construction solution delivers upon the inception of any build project.”

This partnership comes on the heels of other recent developments EIR Healthcare has been making to its flagship product. The latest iteration of MedModular includes IoT sensors, patient monitoring and improving connectivity to electronic health records, to name a few key features. Other recent collaborations for the health tech construction firm include partnering with Creston to integrate Amazon Alexa and partnering with consultative construction leader IMC Construction.

For more information on the patented, modular technology for healthcare facilities, visit https://eirhealthcare.com/.

About EIR Healthcare

EIR Healthcare is a recognized innovator in modular technology. Their goal is to bring efficient industrial practices to the real estate industry with a focus on healthcare, hospitality, disaster response and others. Their flagship, award-winning product, MedModular is the answer to the cost constraints and technology disruptions that are currently taking place in the healthcare industry. MedModular is the first “hospital room in a box”, prefabricated and based on recognized industry best practices and delivered on-site. As the industry innovator in cost-effective, efficient, and state-of-the-art industrial practices, EIR opens up the doors for construction projects to incorporate more intelligent technology while keeping costs and timelines to a minimum. The company is privately held and located in Philadelphia, PA.

About Enlighted, Inc.

Designed to change everything, Enlighted provides the world’s most advanced Building IoT Platform for leading commercial and healthcare organizations around the globe, with more than 210 million square feet of building space deployed to date. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, Enlighted was acquired in 2018 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens Industry, Inc. For more information about Enlighted, visit enlightedinc.com.

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