SnowM rolls out Marker, an IoT solution for efficient snow removal operations

SnowM, a Canadian tech start up focused on building IoT solutions announced the launch of SnowM Marker, a cloud-based field service tracking solution designed to make snow removal operations more efficient and dependable with real-time service updates.

Approach winters, the mobility and economy of the world’s snowiest cities become totally dependent on the fundamental service of the Snow and Ice Control Program. And only the service personals working for this Program can comprehend what it is like to achieve safe and passable roads and sidewalks during severe snowing conditions. At times like this, snow removal contractors are pressed to deliver dependable service even under the most adverse conditions.

Some of the major challenges faced by the snow removal contractors are:

  • missing out on homes and streets that need their service. When this happens, residents and businesses complain, and the fury of customers put the reputation of the contractor’s at stake and the company stands a high chance of losing business.
  • It costs a lot of time and money for the snow contractors to send the fleet back to serve just one home that got missed.
  • Fleet administrators face a real-time communication gap.
  • Last but not least, unplowed roads cause major accidents and delays in emergency services.

SnowM Marker was created as a solution for this specific challenge. SnowM Marker utilizes smart technology enabling the drive-way markers used by snow removal contractors to identify customers’ homes to sends signals in case of miss outs. The Markers are in sync with a mobile application that the fleet can track on any smartphone.

For instance, if a fleet is driving by a heavily snowed area and is likely to miss a drive-way, the smart marker installed at the customer’s property send alerts to the fleet driver via mobile app informing them that there is a property to be served. Unlike GPS, Marker detects service points with utmost accuracy and ensures drivers never miss a stop.

The fleet administrators who assign the route can track and verify every fleet on real-time basis and can monitor each property at a micro-level via the mobile/web application. The drivers can send before and after pictures of job status confirming that the assigned jobs are completed. It also allows the administrators to pre-schedule tasks and sends updated routes via the app. All the information related to the services is stored in the cloud thereby allowing to generate reports whenever required.

Talking about the Marker, Mr. Madan Kanala, Founder and CEO, SnowM  says, “SnowM Marker is a reflection of our singular goal of ‘connecting businesses with their environment and connecting people with their surroundings.’ It is a revolutionary product that will help city administrators and snow clearance contractors to deal with adverse snow seasons more efficiently, professionally, and economically. It is sure to make the snow season safe along with delighting customers by making the vertical of snow clearance operations more reliable.”

Marker applications can be far-reaching and go beyond snow clearance operations. This application can be used in other verticals such as landscaping, security services, or any kind of large-scale property maintenance. SnowM’s strategy is to license the technology behind drive-way markers. They do not sell or manufacture drive-way markers.

About SnowM

Established in 2018, SnowM is a B2B (IoT) Solutions Company, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. SnowM’s products empower businesses with connected intelligence. SnowM Inc. designs end-to-end IoT solutions and manufactures easy-to-use, cloud-connected, rugged electronic devices, with rich data analytics and reporting.

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