Soracom Announces Inaugural Cohort of its IoT Technology Accelerator Program

Soracom Announces Inaugural Cohort of its IoT Technology Accelerator Program

Eight connected devices and services companies set to accelerate IoT market entry


Seattle, WA – April 30, 2019 – Soracom, Inc., a global provider of smart connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced today the first cohort of companies to take part in the IoT Technology Accelerator program announced in December 2018. BeeHero, Lubn, MATRIX Industries, and Sutro Connect, and four other companies still in stealth will receive support through the program, which is designed to speed market entry for early-stage IoT ventures. This first cohort brings innovation to market in agriculture, consumer electronics, property management, home maintenance, energy, construction, asset management and healthcare.

“The Soracom IoT Technology Accelerator Program is designed to help visionary IoT developers move quickly from prototyping to full market entry,” said Eugene Kawamoto, Soracom Americas CEO. “We’re honored to support companies like BeeHero, Lubn, MATRIX Industries and Sutro. These are exciting teams working at the cutting edge of IoT technology to create a safer, happier, more connected world.”

BeeHero, based in Palo Alto and Tel Aviv, uses remote sensors and proprietary machine learning to protect beehives from colony collapse and maximize pollination efficiency for growers around the world.

Lubn, based in Seattle, Washington, is a creator of autonomous property management solutions and developer of the world’s first 4G/LTE lockbox featuring visual authentication. Lubn’s intelligent and autonomous property management system allows property managers, store owners and BnB hosts to effectively and securely manage property access.

MATRIX Industries, a material science pioneer based in Menlo Park, is at the forefront of thermoelectric innovation, harvesting previously wasted energy by converting temperature change into electric voltage. Its flagship consumer product, the thermoelectric and solar-powered PowerWatch 2, is paving the way for a world of wearables that never need charging.

Sutro Connect, based in San Francisco, offers simple, safe and seamless monitoring and management of residential, commercial and institutional pools and spas. Beginning with the mission to help homeowners love their pools (or spas) again™, Sutro Connect now offers award-winning systems designed to continuously monitor water quality, chlorine and pH levels. Sutro makes it easy and affordable to maintain a healthy pool environment at any scale, with minimal effort and no wasted water or chemicals.

Soracom IoT Accelerator Program participants gain access to a range of services from Soracom, partner companies, and industry mentors. This includes specialized technical consultation; smart cellular and LPWAN connectivity; access to a global network of design and manufacturing partners; and introductions to investors with specific interest in IoT.

Soracom is now accepting applications for the second accelerator cohort. For details, and to apply, please visit:

About Soracom

Soracom is a global provider of smart IoT connectivity, offering cloud-native wireless service designed specifically for the needs of connected devices. Founded in 2015 to create a more connected world by removing the barriers to IoT development, Soracom now serves over 10,000 customers across all industries, from agriculture, energy, construction and transportation to consumer electronics, manufacturing, real estate and healthcare. From global enterprises to fast-growing start-ups, customers trust Soracom for affordable, reliable connectivity that accelerates speed to market and makes it easy to connect to the cloud. Soracom is an AWS IoT Competency Partner. More information is available at

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