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Can Satellite Networks Disrupt Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) Connectivity?

Advances in satellite technology have created the potential to disrupt Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) connectivity. The new Low Power Sensor-to-Satellite (LP-S2S) satellite networks are very different...

How Does IoT Work?

Understand how IoT works and why most IoT devices in the future will be connected with each other using a hyper decision framework.

What’s the difference between private and public LoRaWAN networks?

A guide to help you select the best LoRaWAN network for your building management projects.

The Significance of Edge Computing for Building Commercial IoT Solutions

In this article, we will explore the recommendations Perry Lea suggests to attain a holistic and expert review of implementing cloud and edge computing to build commercial IoT systems, and how the ...

Ensuring Your IoT Deployment is 5G Ready and Capable

With the current pandemic liable to put many infrastructure plans on hold, this article looks at IoT connectivity solutions and plots a sustainable migration path to 5G IoT that delivers against th...

How Operators Can Navigate 5G and DevOps

Once implemented, a collaborative relationship between operator and telco vendor can be mutually beneficial for both parties in rapidly achieving the benefits of DevOps.

Connected Fleet Management: Why a Unified Network is Key

Edge computing can help unlock the full potential of IoT technologies for fleet management--if businesses know what to focus on. This article highlights the importance of data visibility, avoiding ...

WiFi for Enterprise IoT: Why You Shouldn’t Use It

In this article we dig into some of the downsides of Wifi and why it isn't a good fit for enterprise IoT solutions.

Cellular IoT: Poised to Hit Consumer Product Market

2020 will bring the wide-spread introduction of IoT products with embedded cellular connectivity to the consumer market.

An Introduction to a Full 5G System

There are three application spaces designated for 5G– eMBB to replace 4G, URLCC for data transfer, and mMTC for device networks.