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Smart Buildings: Unlocking the Value in People Analytics Data

The race is on. Who can use Smart Building Data in the smartest ways? We could struggle on our own, but there’s a mentor here to teach us. Let’s not waste any more time. A Bit of Background Over...

IoT in the Workplace: Smart Office Applications for Better Productivity

Apart from spending hours on your smartphone, there are many less obvious ways technologies penetrate our lives. From wearables, beacons, and various sensors, to smart home appliances; there are d...

Top 5 IoT “Quick Wins” for Smart Buildings

There isn’t one distinct thing a building can change to become “smart.” Each building and its occupants are unique and require a unique approach. However, many times occupants and owners can feel t...

The Fundamentals of Smart Buildings

Four walls and a roof: those are the minimum requirements of a building. We need shelter to survive and we create buildings to meet that need. So why build more than absolutely necessary? Why not b...

3 Ways AI is Making Buildings Smarter

To most individuals, commercial buildings are viewed as brick and mortar, static structures. There is, however, a complex technological side to commercial buildings—from the software platforms tha...