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Using AR & VR for Enterprise Innovation

In Part 1 we identified unmet needs in the marketplace — the things that people love and hate about the jobs they’re doing. Whether you’re creating an AR/VR product in an enterprise or ...

Choosing the Right Market for AR & VR Products

Whether you’re a solo developer or you have a host of analysts at your disposal, finding product-to-market fit has always been a balance of art and science for both enterprises and startups. In th...

8k VR Headsets Are Nearly Twice as Real as Most

I put on a ridiculous looking headset that seemed twice as wide as any mainstream VR gear. I had visited the bottom of the ocean in VR before, but the last time I was there I was looking through lo...

Choosing a 3D Vision Camera

Overview The need for computer vision systems that can perceive and analyze three dimensional scenes will grow rapidly, driven by the need for machines to interact with the 3D world in real time. A...

3 Examples of Successful Marketing with Virtual Reality

So, you want to pitch a virtual reality idea to potential clients. Maybe you're a virtual reality developer or a marketer who’s just found that this technology is a perfect fit for your p...

Combining AI and VR Without Destroying the World

“Technologists are not noted for learning from the errors of the past. They look forward, not behind, so they repeat the same problems over and over again.” -- Donald A. Norman, The Design of Ever...

A Virtual Reality BFA: Content Becomes King

Recently, Ringling College announced it would be the first art college to offer a Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) in Virtual Reality. On its surface, that might sound neat. Many who don’t routinely fo...

Why Touch is the Next Important Step for VR

It’s exciting to hear about VR being applied in travel, education, shopping, and gaming, or of Apple and Google dueling it out in the consumer AR space. But as a lifelong lover of Sci-Fi, I can’t ...

Virtual Reality and Your Smartphone

Maybe you haven’t tried any sort of virtual reality yet. Perhaps you’ve had the opportunity to visit a VR arcade and got a fully-immersive experience, or maybe you experimented with your buddy’s VR...

6 Creative Uses of Virtual Reality That You’ve Never Heard Of

Virtual reality isn’t all about gaming, education, training, and health. Just in case you need some inspiration for your virtual reality project, we have listed six unusual yet creative uses o...
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