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Automotive Audio analytics

Audio Analytics: Vital Technology for Autonomous Vehicles

Audio analytics is just one of many technologies that are enhancing the look, feel and functionality of autonomous vehicles.
Autonomous cars

The Dangers of Autonomous Vehicles: What’s Stopping Self-Driving Cars From Worldwide Adoption

What's holding autonomous vehicles back? Before entering the market, self-driving cars will have to hurdle many issues and dangers, such as cybersecurity.

Fueling Up for Autonomous Driving with Optimized Battery Designs

The central question for autonomous vehicles (AV) is whether only completely electric AVs should be made or if cars with hybrid engines can be produced also.
The 5 levels of autonomous driving

The 5 Autonomous Driving Levels Explained

Everything you need to know about the 5 levels of driving automation and what they mean for future self-driving cars.
image of google's self driving car prototype

How Do Self-Driving Cars Work?

Self-driving cars will use several IoT technologies to protect human lives and improve conditions for all. But how do self-driving cars really work?

Autonomous Vehicle Technology Companies to Watch out For

The competition among the top car manufacturers to launch the first autonomous car is on. Where each of them are in technology and business, etc are reflected in the article.

An Animated Guide to Self-Driving Cars

This visual guide to self-driving cars defines the qualities of a self-driving car, the five levels of autonomous vehicles and both the technology and software under the hood of autonomous cars. In...
A car on a colorful background

Why Connected Cars Are Better

Connected vehicle technology comes with various environmental and highway safety benefits. However, car dealers need to be tech-savvy, and it’s time consuming to develop a connected car.

Smart Cities: A New Look at the Autonomous-Vehicle Infrastructure

In this article, you can see how digital transformation impacts on our lives and changes our cities.

IoT and the Race for the Car of the Future

Formula 1 teams are pioneering new IoT and data sharing technologies that will soon become features of the consumer's connected car. Through 5G and V2X (vehicle-to-everything), innovations that are...
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