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IoT For All is an initiative to build a valuable resource for all stakeholders in the IoT industry. Our goal is to bring together the smartest minds in IoT to share knowledge through various forms of content, all aimed at educating the people who are implementing and enabling IoT.

WISER Unveils New Consumer Product Find-ly

WISER Systems, Inc. showcased a new consumer location tracking system during a live demonstration this week. WISER unveiled the new product line—entitled Find-ly—as part of a real-time demonstration tracking 2 cats’ locations in a home in Raleigh, NC. Using a new WISER mobile app, the demonstration showed each cat’s position, accurate within a few inches, and displayed their locations overlaid on the home’s floorplan.

Scaling IoT for Enterprises | Ken Corless and Robert Schmid of Deloitte

Ken Corless and Robert Schmid of Deloitte share their expertise on cloud and edge computing and tips for scaling IoT for enterprises.

MachNation Launches MIT-E Pf, Performance Testing Software for IoT solutions

MachNation has launched MIT-E Performance, the world's first software built exclusively for performance and scalability testing of IoT platforms and solutions. MIT-E Performance (MIT-E Pf) can verify platform performance up to 10 million IoT devices and 1 million IoT messages per second.

U.S. Cellular Launches LTE-M Network Optimized for IoT

U.S. Cellular has launched its LTE-M network on more than 90% of its cell sites nationwide, with plans to have them 100% covered in the second quarter of 2020.

Cirrus Link Announces Electronic Flow Measurement IIoT Solution for Oil & Gas

Cirrus Link announced the availability of Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) Modules for the Ignition platform by Inductive Automation. EFM data gathered with proprietary protocols is difficult to share across the enterprise, but Cirrus Link allows customers to extract and normalize EFM data with the efficient, open standard MQTT protocol. Releases Newest Version of the Database Built for IoT and IIoT Businesses has announced the availability of the 4.1 version of its built-for-IoT database, CrateDB. The highly-scalable database adds new functionality and improved ease-of-use designed for IoT- and IIoT-enabled organizations.