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Guest writers occasionally contribute their insights and expertise to IoT For All and help us educate the people building IoT solutions with new technologies. If you're interested in sharing your insights as a guest writer, please visit https://www.iotforall.com/contribute/.
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Top 8 IoT Solutions for Fintech Providers (and How to Develop One)

With a $25 billion growth outlook in the next couple of years, the Internet of Things will soon force fintech companies to rethink their operations. Among the spheres that will fall...
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Cloud Security Controls: Must-Do Preventative Measures for Every Business Working Online

Cloud computing certainly isn’t new. In fact, many businesses are now using it in one form or another. However, for forward-thinking businesses looking to revolutionize their industry, the benefits of the...
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The Data Is Already Here, It’s Just Not Equally Distributed

Many enterprises find early success at “proving the concept” of industrial IoT, but fail to realize monetary benefits from their investments. Providing value requires solutions that do more than extract data...
Image of a ship and it's digital twin

Integrating IoT in Development and Production

Buzzwords such as IoT and Digital Twin are not new to the digital world. They have been gaining momentum in development and production discussions as the digital transformation of production becomes...

Smart Home Interference is a Ticking Time Bomb

More than 40 years since the first home automation products for consumers hit the market, the smart home is finally taking off. Wireless security systems, smart speakers, and whole-home Wi-Fi networks...
Photos of college campuses under the word "IoT"

The Increasing Presence of IoT and How to Prepare Your College Campus

Many campuses face problems that have so far been hard to track, address and fix. Some of them, like security of information have only increased over the years with the technology...
Photo of a tablet and phone exchanging data

How is Data Utilized in IoT vs. M2M?

The buzz generated by IoT and M2M is understandable because of the dizzying speeds with which developments have unfolded and the impact of events. In a world where digital transformation is...
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IoT Security Concerns: Consumer vs. Corporate Viewpoints

IoT seems to be the fastest growing segment in the tech sector, with consumers and enterprises alike rushing to buy and enjoy the many benefits of connected devices. As is often...
City with connected lines signifying a smart city

How To Build a Holistic Smart City Architecture

Smart cities leverage the power of IoT to improve service delivery and optimize city infrastructure. Here, drivers don’t need to search for parking spots – they receive automatic notifications; waste containers...
Garbage Icon over fruit signifying food waste

How IoT Bridges the Gaps in the Food Industry Supply Chain

Around 1.3 billion tonnes of food get lost or wasted around the world every year. Losses amounting to $680 billion in the developed countries and $310 billion in the developing countries...