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What is Asset Tracking?

What is Asset Tracking?

Not so familiar with the term asset tracking? In this brief blog post, we’ll walk you through the basics. What? Asset tracking is the process of keeping track of your company’s physical assets and...

Why BlockChain is the Next Big Thing In Cybersecurity

It’s no real surprise that blockchain is so often associated with cryptocurrency. After all, it was through Bitcoin that it first made its debut on the web - designed by an...

How the Internet of Things Will Change Your Life in 2018

As we look forward to a new 12-month cycle of mind-boggling technological leaps and bounds, there’s one prediction we keep hearing from sector analysts more often than any other: after something...

IoT Applications in Agriculture

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the capability to transform the world we live in; more-efficient industries, connected cars, and smarter cities are all components of the IoT equation. However, the...

How to Choose the Right Asset Management Software

Choosing the right asset management software for your business can be a struggle. There are many options on the market and what works for one company might not be the right...

How Does Net Neutrality Affect the Internet of Things?

Net neutrality exists today to make sure that internet providers can't possibly create "slow lanes" for competing services, mostly those that compete with the said ISP in the market of TV...

Computer Vision Technology Permeates Our Daily Lives

The young woman in the video sits on a high bed in a comfortable, well-adorned bedroom. She is blind. She touches the screen of her mobile phone to “see” a photo a friend...

Network Access Control: A Paramount for the Cybersecurity Industry

As organizations are increasingly focusing on interoperability and information sharing, IoT devices, virtual servers/cloud services, routers, switches, firewalls, and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) are being flocked to their networks periodically. This poses a...

3 Examples of Successful Marketing with Virtual Reality

So, you want to pitch a virtual reality idea to potential clients. Maybe you're a virtual reality developer or a marketer who’s just found that this technology is a perfect fit for...
designing maps

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Maps for Your Apps

Have you wondered why every app you try to open today asks you to enable location access? Everyone out there wants to know where you are, though not in a creepy...