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Guest writers occasionally contribute their insights and expertise to IoT For All and help us educate the people building IoT solutions with new technologies. If you're interested in sharing your insights as a guest writer, please visit https://www.iotforall.com/contribute/.

How CX Will Help Power Autonomous Vehicle Adoption

In today’s era of digital transformation, the automotive industry is reinventing the way we interact with cars. Companies like Uber and Tesla have raised awareness of both the benefits and dangers...

Smart Agriculture is More Than the “Internet of Cows”

Sustainable Food Supply The oldest profession in the world (or the second oldest, depends on who you ask) is in for a makeover with IoT technology. Smart farming, an extension of precision agriculture,...

How to Use an Industrial Smartwatch in Manufacturing and Logistics

What is an industrial smartwatch? It is an always connected, extendable device capable of integrating contextual information into app-based workflows. In comparison to a smartwatch, most HMI technologies simply use static...

Is IoT the Key to the Future of Food Safety?

We are in the wake of a 25 state E.Coli outbreak that was traced back to Romaine lettuce out of Yuma, Arizona, causing 75 hospitalizations and a death. We’re also currently...

How IoT is Driving the Autonomous Vehicle Revolution

The concept of self-driving cars has always intrigued many people. We’ve seen it on television shows like Knight Rider and in films including Batman, Minority Report, and Total Recall. But within...

New Research: Outlooks on IIoT Predictive Maintenance

Most industry research into IIoT trends relies on insights gained from senior management and decision makers.A new study by Emory University students and Presenso is designed to gain an understanding of...

IoT Vulnerabilities & Risk Mitigation

Whether at home or in business, the world of IoT (the Internet of Things) devices and machines has become an integrated part of our daily lives and is expected to not only...

Safeguard Your Industrial Assets by Training Your Shop Floor Team in Cybersecurity

According to Cyber Risk in Advanced Manufacturing, from Deloitte and the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI), as much as 39% of manufacturing companies experienced a breach in the last...

The Most Important Benefits and Challenges of Industrial IoT

By 2025, the global industrial IoT market is expected to reach 933.62 billion dollars. The scope of cloud applications and scalability are two of the factors that will drive the additional...

Usability, Durability, Error-Proofing: How to Make an Elderly-Friendly Smart Home

According to an estimate by The United States Census Bureau, about 49 million US citizens are over 65 years old — that's 15.2% of the population. We have found that older...