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In addition to our regular Contributing Writers, we also feature posts from Guest Writers! If you'd like to feature one of your posts as a Guest Writer or even become a Contributing Writer, just head to our contribute page!

What We Get Wrong About Artificial Intelligence

The Challenge is Human-Computer Interaction Design, Not TechnologyArtificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most hyped terms in the 21st century, and yet one of the most misunderstood. Very often, when talking...

4 Key Considerations When Developing Future-Proof Products

As technologies continue to evolve and prices continue to fall, high tech and interconnected products are becoming increasingly available to the public.Although consumers have been relatively slow to adopt ‘smart' devices...

5 IoT Product Design Tips to Attract and Retain Millennial Consumers

Millennials are a new type of consumer, yet IoT products (things like smart TVs, wearable devices, and connected pet trackers) designed for millennials don’t always reflect this.Millennials are one of the...

IoT Development Board Overview: How to Choose Prototyping Tools for Your Project?

Why do software vendors consider prototyping the essential step to IoT project success? How do you choose the right Internet of Things development board? Get your answers here! 3 reasons to prototype...

6 Creative Uses of Virtual Reality That You’ve Never Heard Of

Virtual reality isn’t all about gaming, education, training, and health. Just in case you need some inspiration for your virtual reality project, we have listed six unusual yet creative uses of virtual...

Design tools are running out of track. Here’s how we can fix them.

Rarely a day goes by where I don’t spend at least some time thinking about design tools. A few years ago, I built a design tool which was acquired by Marvel. That...

8 Habits of Highly Effective Data Scientists

I’m fortunate to have met with some of the pioneers of data science and machine learning early on in my career. Their thoughts shaped my interest in the field and their habits...

eCall and VoLTE: Keeping Smart Cars Safe

Of the 40.3 billion Euro spent on connected car technology today, 15.5 billion Euro has to do with increasing safety. It is estimated that in 2020, connected car technology spending will...

4 Ways IoT Changes the Financial Services Industry

With 8.4 billion connected gadgets worldwide, the Internet of Things is no longer a Sci-Fi concept – it is the reality we live in. What’s more, IoT’s paradigm has recently shifted...

Human-Centered Design for Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is the science of helping computers discover patterns and relationships in data instead of being manually programmed. It’s a powerful tool for creating personalized and dynamic experiences, and...